STL Egotist: What St. Louis Learned Last Year | Motional

90 Degrees West have created this ridiculously good animation based on quotes that the St Louis Egotist asked the local creative community. There are some fantastic techniques and beautiful animation styles used here, and anybody who has worked on projects that spans so many disciplines will know how hard it is to get this right, and for everything to fit so seamlessly. I know that this will be near the top of my inspiration list for a long time.

Sony Xperia Ztests | Motional

Mummu have created these 8 hand drawn animated films for Sony's new smart phone, the Xperia Z, all in the super quick turnaround time of 2 weeks! Produced by Matt Marsh, and directed by David Luepschen. More on

My Motion Graphics Adventure...

So, my first post! I thought I'd keep this blog as a more informal and personal alternative to the (much more successful) blog, I did feel like it was my baby, having conceived the idea and pushed it through the initial phases but in reality it was funded by my old employers, First Image, as a way to increase their interaction with the Motion Graphics community and keep them in touch with the cutting edge of design.

It also probably wouldn't have survived without the help of one of their fantastic designers, Lisa who manages the day to day running and is responsible for 80% of the inspiration posts there.

Still, I remain as an external contributor and a voice in how it goes forward, so I'll be posting plenty more in-depth articles and cool animations, designs and illustrations that I find around the web, so you'll see those here too. I might even post the odd old ones that still get plenty of hits.

So apart from all of that, I'll post my motion-graphics related thoughts that wouldn't fit in with Motional, but I feel like I can fill your eyeholes with anyway - including how my ever-so-slightly nerve-wracking adventure into freelancing is going (which has only just recently started, how exciting!)