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The Old Man And The Sea

The Old Man And The Sea

So, recently my brother (Dave) and his friend (Matt) released a series of podcasts called Shark Liver Oil. It's a podcast about books, but it's not as dull as you'd think.

The reason I'm writing about it here is because I recently started listening and one of the lines in the first episode (The Old Man and The Sea) tickled me so I thought I'd practice my "do more illustration" resolution by creating one based on this.

I am quite aware that standing alone, this does little for the observer who has not listened to the podcast ("what?.. a harpoon..? what? why? ...Some kind of die hard reference.... I don't remember a shark in the film.... what? I've read the book but i don't remember a festive theme..."). So in that respect it fails to reach a wider audience, but I thought I'd do it as some kind of fan art, and at the very least get a free plug on the podcast (ahem).

So a little explanation. The two are chatting about the book, explaining that it is about an old cuban badass of a fisherman who goes hunting for a shark. Dave explains that it is basically "Bruce Willis Goes Fishing". So there you go.