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Illustrated Aliens | Motional

This is a fantastic and ambitious project by Illustrator/Animator Andy Martin. I just can't believe how much thought and effort he has put into this.

Every day on his blog Illustrated Aliens, Andy uploads a new character illustration that will inhabit a planet. At the end of each month he releases an animation about the planet that involves the characters he has designed, and a print of the planet and characters. Each animation has it's own theme and message that reflects the characters design.

STL Egotist: What St. Louis Learned Last Year | Motional

90 Degrees West have created this ridiculously good animation based on quotes that the St Louis Egotist asked the local creative community. There are some fantastic techniques and beautiful animation styles used here, and anybody who has worked on projects that spans so many disciplines will know how hard it is to get this right, and for everything to fit so seamlessly. I know that this will be near the top of my inspiration list for a long time.

Sony Xperia Ztests | Motional

Mummu have created these 8 hand drawn animated films for Sony's new smart phone, the Xperia Z, all in the super quick turnaround time of 2 weeks! Produced by Matt Marsh, and directed by David Luepschen. More on